Applying Online for Credit Cards: Instant Cards

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Offers that encourage you to apply for a credit card online and get instant credit approval abound these days, but are they any good? If you want new credit cards, instant ones may be the right choice for you. You would do well to consider a few things, however, before submitting your application.

On Instant Credit Cards

Although the number of cards in circulation is predicted to decrease from 1245 million in 2009 to 1167 million in 2012, the number of credit holders is expected to increase from 156 million in 2009 to 160 million by 2012, according to the Census Bureau. This increase of credit holders is not surprising, considering that online credit offers such as instant approval credit cards make it easier for consumers to get new cards.

Instant credit card approval basically means that you receive an answer to your application right away or within minutes. The card itself also reaches you earlier, though not quite instantly. Expect to get it in about 2 weeks at most (which is about half the time it takes to get a new card in the traditional way).

Personal Information

Although the application process for an instant credit card is quicker, don’t expect it to require less personal information. At the very least you will have to provide your social security number, other identifying information, and information about your yearly income. Many card issuers are more demanding than that, and will ask you for other information about your income and credit history.

Qualifying for Instant Credit Cards

If you want to easily get credit cards, instant ones are a good choice. Still, consider a few points:

  • Instant cards usually require that you have a good credit rating. Offers for those with bad credit exist as well, but don’t be deceived: some take back what they offer through tricky fees, while a few are simply scams. Recognizing scams, is crucial!
  • Not all applicants get an instant credit card. You need a solid credit history, and a good FICO score, which you should improve as much as you can before applying.
  • It’s preferable that you already have had a major card for some time now before making an application for instant approval cards.


When you want new credit cards, instant ones obtained online may be just what you need, provided that you have a good credit history and credit rating, and a primary card already.

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